you guys – it’s happening. my boys are FINALLY starting to care about one another. they’ll be two in july, and they haven’t really shown much interest in one another up to this point. in fact, when people ask about that ‘special twin bond’ i have had to tell them that my boys just don’t seem to like each other at all.

once they turned about 6 months old i started watching for signs that they cared about each other. a shared smile, a pat on the back, heck even just some eye contact! but my anticipation was met with disappointment time and time again because it seemed like the only time they noticed each other was when the other was doing something that bothered them.

lately though, aaron has been very concerned about his brother. if aaron gets a drink he likes to make sure you get one for his brother too. or if he has his diaper changed he’ll ask you to change his brother’s as well. (he calls him “brother”.)

the best instance of this ‘brotherly’ love happened yesterday. aaron wanted a snack so we left harrison in his bedroom playing with toys while he and i went to the pantry to play another round of “what should i get??” while we were in the pantry i helped myself to a hostest strudel cake. i asked aaron if he’d like to try it and he said “no.” but when i informed him that that’s what his favorite tv show character, blippi, eats in the episode at the children’s museum he was willing to give it a shot.


he took one little bite and his eyes lit up! i thought he was going to ask for another bite, but instead he whispered “brother” and just took off walking towards his room. we got to the boys room and i waited quietly. i wanted to see how aaron would handle the situation. much to my surprise he really followed through with his plans. he walked over to harrison, put his hand on his shoulder, and said “brother! cake!”

harrison was uninterested in the cake at the time, but he did try some strudel cake after dinner, and even shared his with aaron after aaron finished his way too fast.

i love that they’re talking more! i’m hoping that they’ve really cared about each other all along and just didn’t know how to communicate it. they are generally very stoic people, always extremely focused on figuring out what’s in front of them, so maybe they cared all along and i just couldn’t read them.


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