man. being a mom is a trip.

there’s nothing i’ve worked harder for, nothing i’ve wanted more, and nothing i love as much as being a mom. being a mom was the ultimate goal in my life. with motherhood came an unknown confidence for me, in addition to a level of love i never knew was possible.

in stark contrast, being a mom has brought on some of the strangest and ickiest challenges. things i’d never really considered. this week has been full of these experiences.

tonight, just before bed, sweet harrison threw up everywhere. he’d been acting a little strange this afternoon, but i thought he was just tired. he played like normal but was just a little whinier and instead of denying all food like he normally does, he kept asking for food then nibbling it and throwing it away.

i mean, i knew that i’d be cleaning up puke as a mom at some point, but it’s still a surprise every time. and no matter how much you love your children, i don’t think there’s ever a scenario where you “gladly” clean up throw up. i will patiently, and lovingly handle the situation and try not to make my child feel badly about it because i know they couldn’t help it, but i don’t like it. poor boy had to go to bed without his precious blanky. and poor mom had to wipe down and sanitize a crib, wash all of the bedding, clean the carpet, put a pile of toys in the dishwasher, and hand-wash/sanitize a bucket. here’s to hoping there’s no more throwup. at least that there’s no more throwup tonight.

more interestingly- last friday. last friday when the boys and i got home, i started cleaning my kitchen. the boys were playing all over the house. after about 30 minutes, aaron came into the kitchen and very sweetly said “hm! bunny in the tv room!”

this was odd for 2 reasons.

#1- i couldn’t think of any toy bunnies in our stuffed animal collection.

#2- if we did have a stuffed bunny, aaron would either be holding it or throwing a fit because he couldn’t reach it.

our neighbors have bunnies, so i thought there was possibly a chance that one had gotten into our yard and come in through the dog door. although i thought the chance of there actually being a live bunny in my tv room was pretty low, i tentatively, but quickly, walked towards that room.

aaron and harrison could clearly sense the excitement and followed close behind.

my house is not an open concept home, and i have baby gates everywhere. before even looking in the space i closed the gate because i didn’t want any bunnies hopping out of the room and getting to where my dogs were resting in the hallway.

i peeked into the room and my caution was met with horror. there was, in fact, a real bunny in my tv room. but sadly there was not a real LIVE bunny in my tv room… clearly the bunny had sneaked into my yard while i was at work and couldn’t quite outrun one of my dogs. and whichever dog it was (I’m guessing jude..) got a little warm outside in the 115* weather and just couldn’t part with her new favorite toy and brought it inside.

my heart broke a little bit because i love bunnies, and because my neighbors are the best and i really didn’t want to tell them, and because you GUYS – aaron was SO excited about finally having a pet bunny!!!

luckily Scott had just pulled into the driveway when we found this sad scene so the boys and i played in the front room on their bikes while scott cleaned up.

i never thought that as a mom, my almost-2-year-old child would point out a dead animal in my house… but all-in-all i think the scenario played out as smoothly as it could. my neighbors are the nicest people and they were quick to assure us that we could still be friends :-). also scott came home right as we found it, so it got cleaned up quickly (not gonna lie, i would have left it there all day and waited for scott to get home and clean it up). and aaron provided such a sweet comic relief from the situation. i think “bunny in the tv room” will be a family quote that lives on for years to come, plus he still comes home every day and checks the tv room to see if the bunny has come back.

like i said – being a mom is a trip! hopefully there will be no more bunnies in my house – alive or otherwise, and hopefully harrison will feel better tomorrow and aaron won’t catch it….



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